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Long has it been known that the secret to immortality lies hidden in waters wisdom. An ageless body is a hydrated body. For without water there is no life.

Hydration is your first port of call to health! And when dealing with hydration, generally speaking there are two lines of thinking. One line of thinking is... If I drink fluids, I must be hydrated. The other line of thinking knows that the simple act of drinking fluids doesn't necessarily guarantee hydration at a cellular level. 

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When we think of detoxification, little do we realise how the first step of hydration is the key to our overall success.

Water moves toxins out of the body via the four channels of excretion; the breath, perspiration, urination and defecation. We are regularly exposed to life-threatening toxins in our food, our water and in the very air we breathe.

Make no mistake about it, toxins are here for quite sometime and they will have a negative impact on your body's health, vitality and agelessness - if you do nothing about it!

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When we talk about nutrition we generally talk about what foods we are eating. Yet many years have past since the old adage echoed loud and clear in the hall of learning, "It's not what you eat, it's what you absorb!"

Todays world is a busy world! To heal and regenerate in this quickened world takes conscious choice. In today's world, to ask more from your body... you must first give your body more.

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Fact... Everyone breathes, but very few of us are aware that you already have within you, ALL the apparatus you need to give you increased energy levels, greater physical body strength, better posture, motivation, better balance, and the list goes on.

If all of this apparatus you already have, then all you have to do is find out where all this apparatus is!

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  • Loving the UltraStream. My kitchen water tastes great... thanks for the recomendation


  • Hey Brett, It arrived at work today, all ok. It's set up now and it has been flushed out for about 25 mins.The water looks clearer, doesn't smell and tastes better already! Thanks very much.


  • LOVING our new Ultrastream water. I have a lot more energy, and have gotten so many more things done in the day, it's like it's given me extra hours :D


  • I am so happy I found the video of Brett Hayes exercises for sciatica. Within one day I was able to function almost normally. I am continuing the exercises until I feel I am completely healed more ...


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